Clear Bra

What Does Clear Bra (PPF) Do?

Clear bra films offer:

    • Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance, protecting against pesky rock chips or would be vandals.
    • Exceptional clarity, glossing up the finish of your car considerably.
    • 10 year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing protection for most customer’s time with their vehicle.
    • Self healing properties will see swirl marks or small etching fade when activated by a heat gun, or the sun on a hot day.

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on the coverage you are looking to get. You can use the film to guard the door edges in the case the wind swings them into something, costing only $80. Or you can add the film to the trunk of your car, to prevent scuffs from dragging heavy luggage out of your car.

Most clients opt to wrap the front end of their vehicle, protecting the high impact areas from rock chips. This includes the full hood, bumper, fenders, lights and mirrors. For most cars, this starts at $1,600.

Is Clear Bra (PPF) Stronger Than Vinyl Wrap?

Yes, it most certainly is. Although vinyl is very rugged, the clear bra is thicker. Consider clear bra if you are looking for the ultimate level of protection.

Do People Clear Bra Their Entire Car?

Yes, people certainly do. This is usually reserved for rare or exotic cars however due to the cost. This service begins at $6,000 for most vehicles. Although this may seem expensive, it is a fraction of the cost it could be to repaint a Porsche or Lamborghini for example.

Is a Ceramic Coat an Alternative to Clear Bra (PPF)?

No, it is not. Ceramic coat should be thought of as a detailer’s tool. It seeks to make the surface of your car harder, making it more resistant to marring caused by towel marks. It also adds a hydrophobic property that makes washing the vehicle a cinch. It does NOT however, prevent against heavy abrasion or rock chips.

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