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What is Powdercoating?

Powdercoating simply put is a process to change the color of your wheels. It is a powder that is sprayed onto a scuffed and prepped surface, then baked in an oven to bond it to the metal. 



What colors can I choose from?

The sky is the limit when it comes to powdercoat, and the options are endless. Both color and finish is selectable, giving you a multitude of options to suit your style and taste. Most clients opt for a glossy black, or a satin black finish.

We use Prismatic Powders wide selection of colors for our powdercoating, check out the color options here and see any color that can work for you and your project!

Is powdercoat better than paint or plastidip?

Yes, we believe so. With paint, wheels are prone to chipping. If a rock hits your wheel or you accidentally rub them against a curb, the paint will separate from the wheel and begin to peel away. With powdercoat, the material is bonded to the wheel. A scuff will not cause the rest of the wheel to start to peel away like with paint.

With plastidip, the wheels will become sticky, causing brake dust and road debris to stick to the dip. They cannot be truly cleaned, and will quickly degrade in appearance. They can also be a hassle to peel off if insufficient coats were applied. 

We always opt to take the path of doing things the right way. Opt for powdercoat. 



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